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Immigrants are members of our families and our communities, but they regularly face obstacles in our society and the threat of ICE. The work of our city is not just welcoming them and making sure they have fair access to the opportunities that exist here, but also must prioritize protecting them from deportation. 


As a City Council Member, I’ll protect our immigrants and their communities by:

  • Providing constituent services especially for immigrants in partnership with trained staffers and community-based organizations.

  • Increasing language access in my office and wherever possible. 

  • Establishing stronger Sanctuary City protections in New York City. 

  • Ending broken windows and other policing practices disproportionately targets black and brown working-class people, including many undocumented immigrants, and puts immigrants at immediate risk by virtue of fingerprinting, the data for which is automatically shared with DHS.

  • Prohibiting the NYPD from transferring individuals to federal immigration authorities for purposes of immigration enforcement. 

  • Blocking ICE from hospitals and courthouses, as well as from government buildings and polling places, places of business, and public spaces.  

  • Passing legislation prohibiting the use of City resources, personnel, or funds to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration law, such as traffic enforcement for ICE vehicles.

  • Extending voting rights in municipal elections to immigrant New Yorkers with an appreciation for the concern for undocumented’ vulnerability to ICE. 

  • Creating and funding a right to counsel for immigration and criminal proceedings. 

  • Funding social services that are accessible to all residents, regardless of citizenship status, and is crucial to address immigrants’ exclusion from COVID-19 federal aid. 

  • Supporting city agencies, hospitals, and communities in developing policies and training for staff on know-your-rights information, both for the immigrant populations they serve and for themselves to exercise their rights to prevent ICE access & arrests.




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