Housing is a human right. Yet, our city’s affordability crisis and profit-seeking landlords and developers make it almost impossible for anyone to find and keep affordable housing. To protect this right and stabilize communities, our city must do everything it can to guarantee that everyone has access to housing they can afford and can stay in their homes without fighting harassment or evictions. 


As a City Council Member, I will fight for housing as a human right by: 

  • Ending the failed Mandatory Inclusionary Housing experiment and fighting for truly affordable housing that families who live in our neighborhoods can actually afford. 

  • Directing capital investment towards the creation of deeply affordable units to address the housing needs of extremely and very low-income households.

  • Advocating for changing the calculation of AMI in New York City to only include city zip codes. 

  • Shifting from relying on private developers for affordable housing and instead directly investing in public provision of housing development through partnerships with nonprofits and changing incentives to prioritize community needs over profit-driven motives.

  • Requiring that all housing built on city-owned land be fully and permanently affordable to low and extremely low income New Yorkers, and enacting a moratorium on the sale or lease of all city-owned properties to for-profit developers. 

  • Working towards a charter revision focused solely on land use and planning reform with the goal of creating a comprehensive city plan and reforming the ULURP process to allow more time for community involvement, especially at the Community Board level.

  • Funding maintenance and capital repairs in NYCHA through partnerships with the state, federal government, and nonprofits and by using other programs on a case by case basis with the approval of the tenant association. 

  • Investing in the enforcement of fair housing laws and the new 2019 rent laws to protect against evictions and displacement. 

  • Increasing funding and support for democratically controlled affordable housing like Community Land Trusts and HDFCs. 

  • Calling for the repeal of 421-a and J-51 tax credits, which has led to public subsidy benefiting developer’s bottom lines more than creating affordable housing. The money should be redirected to permanent, nonprofit, cooperative, or public affordable housing programs. 

  • Supporting Racial Impact Study requirements for all new development.