Over one million students attend New York City public schools, and hundreds of thousands more are enrolled in CUNY and other publicly funded education programs. All of these students deserve a free and fair high-quality education. But currently, barriers of cost, lack of access, and segregation prevent far too many students from getting the education they all deserve. 


As a City Council Member, I’ll stand for our students and support: 

  • Funding the Campaign for Fiscal Equity to give public schools the $4.5 billion they are owed.

  • Ending uneven PTA fundraising and equitably redistributing their funding citywide. 

  • Adding greater community voice to school administration by creating Borough Board control of schools with mayoral oversight and accountability. 

  • Desegregating schools by eliminating academic screens that entrench educational stratification by sorting students largely according to their privileges. Instead of gifted and talented programs, gifted students should be accommodated by self-directed learning, alternative opportunities, and the use of co-teachers.

  • Redistricting public schools comprehensively to ensure racial integration.

  • Fighting for a New Deal for CUNY by making it tuition-free for NYC residents and paying adjuncts $7,000 per course instead of poverty wages.  

  • Establishing a city-wide advisory committee on a free and fully funded CUNY.

  • Expanding mental health services for CUNY students.

  • Working with my state legislature colleagues to 1) fight for more funding for CUNY, 2)  increase the maximum state TAP award, 3) expand the Excelsior Scholarship to part-time CUNY and SUNY students, 4) close the "TAP Gap", 5) pass the Enhanced Maintenance of Effort bill, which would require the state to maintain adequate funding for CUNY and SUNY.

  • Ending the expansion of charter schools.

  • Banning local funding through tax advantages for private universities that have “legacy” admissions policies.

  • Expanding the 3K program to all neighborhoods.

  • Reducing the circumstance in which suspensions and expulsions can be used and expanding due process protections for students in disciplinary situations.

  • Equalizing access to test preparation and including non-test factors in high school admissions, though all schools should be funded so that screens are obsolete.