Now more than ever, ensuring economic justice has never mattered more. We must build an economy that works for workers and not just the wealthy and powerful. This means supporting labor unions, small businesses, and worker cooperatives, and making sure that our city is a place where everyone can thrive. 


As a City Council Member, I will fight for a better and fairer economy for all by standing for:

  • Protecting gig workers by enforcing employee protections for those misclassified as independent contractors and supporting ABC status check legislation.

  • Increasing the minimum wage to $22 an hour. 

  • Passing legislation requiring paid vacation time and work schedule stability so that all workers can have regular schedules and are protected from on-call demands. 

  • Ensuring the rights of all workers to form a union, including supporting card check neutrality and recognizing unions of government staff.

  • Supporting any striking workers in New York City. 

  • Creating a dedicated wage theft enforcement investigation agency.

  • Banning unpaid internships and creating a fund to subsidize them instead. 

  • Guaranteeing that everyone has access to the internet, which is critical to economic participation in the digital age, and making the internet a public utility. 

  • Making economic development more transparent by banning nondisclosure agreements in negotiations, creating a public database of deals, and improving the targeting of subsidies. 

  • Protecting and expanding areas zoned for manufacturing to create jobs.

  • Raising income taxes on the wealthy and establishing city home rule for taxes to do so.

  • Capping the total amount of subsidies and tax breaks private companies can receive from the city, especially in light of the city’s post-COVID financial health. 

  • Closing the racial wealth gap by creating high quality jobs for communities of color and investing in programming to build the skill sets of local workers, provide training in STEM jobs, and create opportunities to enter the growing long term care industry.

  • Founding a public bank for the city. 

  • Passing the Small Business Jobs Survival Act to ensure businesses can stay in their locations. 

  • Enacting a commercial vacancy tax to fight against landlords’ practice of warehousing vacant commercial space that creates blight and pushes out small businesses.