Making sure our city’s democracy is strong and healthy is always important. All people deserve to be heard and a part of our city’s civic life. But, especially in recent months, it’s become clearer how much farther our system must go to include everyone in our elections and important decisions about the future of our city.


I believe that one of the most important roles of a City Council Member is being their district’s Organizer in Chief, protecting and expanding democracy right in their communities. As West Harlem’s City Council Member and Organizer in Chief, I will stand for a stronger democracy by:

  • Ending the underrepresentation of Latinx, LGBTQ+, and disabled communities on local community boards by reforming outreach methods and approving members based on their merits. 

  • Fostering involvement in and access to local government locally by prioritizing constituent services, promoting voter registration, hosting regular town halls and block parties, and bringing back the Council on Your Corner outreach program. 

  • Increasing the public matching funds ratio in local elections. 

  • Offering all City residents, regardless of immigration or incarceration status or felony conviction, the right to vote in local elections. 

  • Requiring all City Council Members to conduct a Participatory Budgeting process and increasing the funding available to communities through this program. 

  • Providing full civil right to counsel so all residents can enforce their rights equally, regardless of financial status.