COVID-19 has profoundly impacted every corner of our daily lives and communities. To rebuild, we are all going to need to come together and stand up for the future of our city. The decisions we make today will shape the decades to come, which is why recovery must be people-powered and community-centered. 


Though the work of recovery is already beginning, we’re still in the midst of this pandemic. While we continue to fight against COVID-19, I support:

  • Reducing policing for the duration of the crisis through instituting a moratorium on arrests and limiting police involvement in the enforcement of social distancing.

  • Keeping ICE out of hospitals so that everyone can seek treatment and medical services.

  • Making sure that the homeless have a safe place to sleep and social distance.

  • Testing and treating all New Yorkers with COVID-19 for free. 

  • Canceling rent so that no one loses their home because of a pandemic they didn’t cause. 


As a City Council Member during the coming years of working towards recovery, I will fight for:

  • Standing against the budget cuts and austerity measures that will be proposed in the wake of this crisis, especially those that will impact social services. 

  • Fighting for financial stability instead of cutting critical services by advocating for using the Federal Reserve’s municipal liquidity facility and raising revenue through means like taxing millionaires and billionaires and linkage fees and impact fees. 

  • Housing the homeless permanently through all means possible.

  • Advocating for the passage of the New York Health Act so that every New Yorker has health coverage. 

  • Investing in public hospitals so that there is enough capacity to treat every New Yorker in need of care.




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