A lifelong resident of West Harlem, Corey Ortega is a son of Dominican immigrants and the proud product of a union household. (His mom was a member of the UFT, and his dad was a member of Carpenters Union Local 608).

An experienced community organizer, Corey works as District Leader to fight for a fairer, stronger city for all New Yorkers. Corey is running for City Council on a platform of addressing the crisis of affordable housing, ending police abuse, expanding civil right to counsel, protecting LGBTQ+ rights, fighting for Medicare for all, building emergency and transitional housing for homeless LGBTQ+ youth, and fighting for educational equity.

Corey’s passion for public service started on the block where he grew up. When he was in college at St. John’s University, where he worked with his mother, a retired public school teacher, to found a group family daycare. He also fought for the rights of daycare providers on the executive board of UFT’s Child Care Providers Chapter. After graduation, he worked as a tenants’ rights advocate at P.A.L.A.N.T.E. Harlem, helping to improve the living conditions of Harlem residents in rent-stabilized and federally-subsidized buildings. 



Corey has brought his skills as an organizer and knowledge of affordable housing to serve the veteran community. As Director of Civic Leadership at the NYC Veterans Alliance, he recruited and trained veterans to run for office. He also helped organize veterans to pass NYC Human Rights Local Law 119, which protects veterans and service members from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations.

Corey is a staunch ally of the LGBTQ+ community. He has worked on LGBTQ+ voter registration drives, fought for the CASTRO bar/lounge and other LGBTQ+ businesses of color, and has been vocal in protesting against Trump's recent healthcare rule that erases transgender protections.

Corey is a progressive Democrat who’s leading efforts to bring new voices into government and the political process. In 2017, he ousted an entrenched incumbent to become the first Dominican American District Leader in the 70th Assembly District (Part D). From founding one of the most diverse Democratic clubs in Northern Manhattan, to amplifying the voices of Black, Latinx, and Asian New York City Council Members, to partnering with his neighbors and grassroots organizations to help defeat the IDC, Corey is committed to building an inclusive, progressive Democratic Party that looks like our neighborhood.

He lives with his wife, Danielle, in the same rent-stabilized apartment in the Manhattanville neighborhood he grew up in.

Are you tired of politics as usual? If so, Text or Call Corey Ortega (a.k.a. Uncle Phil) to talk about our district or to vent because you haven’t seen the type of representation that works for you at 646-389-5535 or Email


We believe that a political campaign should do the work of serving the community. Join us in taking care of our neighbors. We have opportunities to participate in outreach to our senior community, wellness checks, and government oversight in public housing. We look forward to meeting all of you.

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