• Been a tenant organizer and led 3 successful rent strikes, and converted two buildings to permanent rent-stabilized status.

  • Helped amend NYC’s Human Rights Law to include Veterans as a protected class.

  • Managed, as executive director, both budgetary and legislative priorities of the NYC Council’s Black, Latinx, and Asian Caucus representing 4.5 million people.

  • Started a Community Based Organization that fed over 4,500 families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Led a wellness outreach program that has helped over 100 NYers get vaccinations and checked in on thousands in the district.

  • Helped beat the IDC and elect Robert Jackson in 2018.


  • Work with local non-profit developers to build truly affordable housing that fits the incomes of real New Yorkers.

  • Promote the Community Schools model where schools partner with service providers, health providers, after-school programs, youth centers, and other community organizations or providers to ensure quality and equitable education, reduce school dropouts, increase access to health and mental health services and improve employment prospects for all students.

  • Support our local small businesses with financing and employee training and retention programs and organize for commercial rent relief for long-standing small businesses. 


Corey is running for City Council as an experienced community organizer on a platform of fixing the crisis of affordable housing, ending police violence, expanding civil right to counsel, protecting LGBTQ+ rights, fighting for Medicare for all, building emergency and transitional housing for homeless youth, and fighting for educational equity.



I’m proud to announce a historic endorsement in the race for City Council in District 7. Marti Allen-Cummings, Dan Cohen, Stacy Lynch, Maria Ordoñez and I all have the vision, values and experience that the District needs in this challenging time for New York and we are taking the step of formally endorsing each other for City Council. I’m encouraging voters like you to rank these fellow candidates in your five choices on the ballot.